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Mango 006 Clear

Your wanderlust takes you to places where the sun is shining and the palm trees are rising. You eat healthy sh*t out of fresh coconut halves and you do your yoga on the sandy beaches of wherever. We love that about you, and we want to join in on your adventures. You want that too, because the world looks way better through our mangolden lens. It’s like living in your favorite Instagram filter. And, well, they do make you look kinda cool too.

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How's the fit?

Passende Formen: Sehr eckige und quadratische Gesichtsform mit hohen Wangenknochen.

Größe (?)
14,5 cm
4,6 cm

How to read sizes

The general fit is wide. All our sunnies are unisex, however this model’s width is more adjust to a female head.

Same model, different color

This awesome model comes in multiple colors