Aqua 004 Mirror

Mouthwatering. We definitely need water to live, and the same feeling applies when seeing our Aqua shades. This color is so beautiful you will thirst for this color the same way people thirst for water when the wells run dry.  Aqua is a perfect accessory on a beachy day, since it will reflect the water and make your vacation photos ten times more fun. Why not spice up a gym outfit when you are out power walking or use it when you need some edge to a street style? Aqua will fill you with calmness, because that is the power of this color. 

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How's the fit?

Suits: An oval and oblong face shape because of the contrasting angles of face and shades. 

Size (?)
Full width
14,3 cm
4,9 cm

How to read sizes

The general fit is wide. All our sunnies are unisex, however this model’s width is more adjust to a female head.

Same model, different color

This awesome model comes in multiple colors