Berry 006


If we could be any berry in the world, we’d naturally choose the fuller, bigger and richer “American” blueberry. It’s just a tiny bit better than all the others. That’s what we want you to feel when wearing these – like you can do anything ‘cause you rock. You’re iron man! You’re the hulk! You’re wonder-woman! You get the idea. Try it.

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Product specs

All eyewear are handcrafted in a premium cellulose acetate. We use a CR39-lens that is impact-resistant and includes a 100% UV (400) protection. Both our lenses and our acetate is produced by the Italian supplier Mazzuchelli. The temple and the front is connected by a five-barrel hinge and equipped with OBE technology.

  • Lens: Black (CR39)
  • Size: 51x18
  • Mazzuchelli acetate
  • Three-barrel (OBE) hinge

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