Coco 005


Did you know that coconut trees are attached to the ground via a super strong root system? It makes total sense then that you wear them since your so down to earth yourself. And since you are such a rooted and cool one, we made these for you to protect you from direct UV whilst you go on in life and do your awesome thing.

Just put ’em on and go loco whilst our Coco got you under its wings. Yes, that was meant as a pun.

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Product specs

All eyewear are handcrafted in a premium cellulose acetate. We use a CR39-lens that is impact-resistant and includes a 100% UV (400) protection. Both our lenses and our acetate is produced by the Italian supplier Mazzuchelli. The temple and the front is connected by a five-barrel hinge and equipped with OBE technology.

  • Lens: Brown mirror (CR39)
  • Mazzuchelli acetate
  • Size: 50x19
  • Five-barrel (OBE) hinge

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