Ginger 003


Our ‘Ginger’ model is characterized by being sharp and spicy. So is the actual ginger root, funnily enough. What a coincidence! There is a certain aura of authority surrounding people in these shades. Not the square, boring old-british-parliamentarian kind of authority – think more along the lines of trendy-yuppie-with-a-cool-job-type and there you have it. It’s a damn fine look, if we may say so ourselves.

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Product specs

All eyewear are handcrafted in a premium cellulose acetate. We use a CR39-lens that is impact-resistant and includes a 100% UV (400) protection. Both our lenses and our acetate is produced by the Italian supplier Mazzuchelli. The temple and the front is connected by a five-barrel hinge and equipped with OBE technology.

  • Lens: Gray (CR39)
  • Size: 47x22
  • Mazzuchelli acetate
  • Five-barrel (OBE) hinge

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