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NEW MODEL DROP - September 12

NEW MODEL DROP - September 12

09/04/2018 - MODEL DROP

We believe it's finally time to introduce our two upcoming models, #007 and #008. We felt that there were two specific type of shades missing in our family. 

Model #007

We wanted to create that timeless and classic shade that goes with an everyday outfit as well as with a dressed up suit. Having in mind that it's a bit harder for guys to find that perfect size and a fit that won't look to big, small or feminine we created this model #007. 

Model #008

Lets say we wanted to create something big, bigger than before. The shade that fits in a movie scene, cruising down highway 1 in your vintage Chrysler convertible, with a scarf wrapped around your head. You know what I'm getting at? Leaving only but a mystery for people to wonder about behind those big shades. 

We took the old glamour and created a modern piece with lines and silhouettes to embrace faces with different shapes. 

Both of these two models comes in our classic color palette of 10 color which gives you plenty of choices on how to express your own style. Maybe to many choices? Just kidding, you can't have to many Chimis, remember that one pair is simply not enough.. 


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