Chimi X Spotify

We make affordable but luxurious sunglasses inspired by a deep and profound fascination with colors.

Now, in our fourth season our designers have explored and interpreted a palette of nine colors into sunglass models, each one representing a particular personality and slant on life. As an example, our yellow sunglasses (Mango) suit a welcoming sunny personality who enjoys beach life.

Taking this exploration one step further, we have now teamed up with Spotify-backed Soundtrack Your Brand. The idea is to support and promote the exploration of colors by interpret our nine colors as unique musical experiences, each one with an individual energy level and preferred music genre. This exploration has landed in nine curated playlists to suit our iconic sunglasses perfectly. Mango, mentioned above, gets a soundtrack that incorporates everything from catamaran music to the latest forays into Afro-futurism, all set against a sunny backdrop of the rhythms and vibes that rock the Caribbean, from Kingston to Salt Whistle Bay...

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