Malibu Vibes



Photographed by: Rami Hanna, Styled by: Hanna MW, Director: Jonas Löhr, Production by: Ninties Studio

Like a grey blanket, the clouds surrond the beaches of Malibu. El Matador State beach is usually recognised by sunbathing tourists and wedding photoshoots, but is now completely empty. The moody weather creates a dramatic feeling as the wind pushes the waves to crash into the perfectly shaped cliffs.

We’re here to take some quick photos for our upcoming Black Lens collection. Nothing ever goes as predicted, especially not with production and absolutely not with a Chimi Production (kidding, at least a little bit..). What’s good about Chimi’s though, is that there is a pair of sunglasses for every kind of weather. The plan for Black Lens and sunshine has become Clear lens with clouds.

As soon as the sun is back, and the smell of Havana Tropic surronds you again, the Clear sunglasses are then swapped for Black Lens once again. Snap snap!


Location; Malibu, El Matador State beach, California.