The Chimi Symphony

Composed by Jacob Muhlrad

Set at ‘The Labyrinth’, designed by Catalan architect and sculptor Xavier Corberó in Barcelona, Chimi’s Season 5 tells a story of the beauty behind composition. The campaign is fronted by renowned Swedish composer, Jacob Mühlrad, with music written by him exclusively for The Chimi Symphony.

“This collaboration wouldn’t have been possible without my many beautiful conversations with Charlie. Seeing as I rarely compose commercially, I had a great time in this new experience. I’m also grateful for the artistic freedom Chimi gave me in my work. My main source of inspiration was the imagery of light being filtered through a UV-lens, and how that could be portrayed through the violin bow, as it creates a tone by forming friction on the string in very much the same way”, says Jacob.

“We see the new collection as a bridge between our classic Core collection and our more limited edition capsules, where we’re constantly trying to challenge our customers. The idea behind the frames is to keep the timelessness but shape it to fit current trends”, says Charlie.

These limited edition glasses, starting from 99 EUR, will be available online and in store later this spring.

Photographer & Co-Director: Rami Hanna, Creative Direction: Nineties Studio, DOP: Andreas Björseth, Stylist: Hanna MW, Models: Noah Luis Brown, Mathilde Brok, Preben Hellberg, Symone Challenger, Chiara Scelsi, Production company: FWB agency & Dr. Troy Barcelona

Core Collection

As seen in the campaign

Extended Core