Hard work beats talent

A conversation with Daniel Djurdjevic

“CHIMI is a Stockholm based, mid-priced, contemporary eyewear brand aiming to explore the emerging competitive space in the intersection of ’fashion’ and ’classics’ — creating a hybrid business model using successful functions and strategies from both worlds.” 


That’s how CHIMI’s brand manifest goes.


CHIMI was founded when Charlie Lindström and Daniel Djurdjevic identified a gap within the space of affordable luxury eyewear, that they made their mission to explore and hopefully fill. Meet Daniel Djurdjevic, the CEO and co-founder of CHIMI Eyewear. 

The gap between high-end luxury eyewear and fast fashion eyewear is big, and historically there has only been one strong player in the mid-segment. “Ray-Ban still has a very classic approach and they built their entire business on heritage, we’re aiming to be explorative”.


“Traditionally, five specialist eyewear players have dominated the premium fashion segment of the market, developing, manufacturing and distributing their own brands,” says Daniel adding, “We’re not competing with them, we’re creating a space for a contemporary eyewear brand, focusing on e-com and smart social approach.” 


Daniel lived his leadership and personal business strategy by one motto – Hard work beats talent. “Maybe it’s a cliché but I do believe you have to make mistakes to grow. I’ve always taken on new challenges by self-learning and I do believe I’ve managed to compensate for lack of talent with hard work,” Daniel says. “And that by itself is a talent I guess!”.

From a business perspective, search engines and social media platforms have been the main tools for CHIMI’s growth. While taking on a new field in the eyewear industry, it’s safe to say that the brand’s close relationships with partners, retailers, customers, and everyone involved are a huge part of the brand’s success. CHIMI is communicating actively with customers and fans through social media, getting to know their audience. “Retail has been important for us in order to grow a strong brand as well as an omnichannel sales machine. I believe that our rapid growth comes from our omni-G2M-strategy.” 



With a global pandemic, a new flagship store, and big plans for 2021, CHIMI is adapting to the current situation in the world. “From a business perspective we’ve noticed that online consumption is growing, I think for a lot of businesses. Our supply chain and logistic streams have been negatively affected and our wholesale business is becoming more and more digital, but we’re adapting. I’m glad we decided to go online from the start, it’s hard to watch so many businesses being forced to close down.”



CHIMI’s plans for 2021 with the replacing of the entire Core Collection and adding a new product category is still in order, but with a new strategy. “The long term effects of the pandemic leaves us with many questions regarding physical office spaces, fashion weeks, and wholesale businesses. Right now we’re producing all content locally, to stay safe, and to hopefully be able to support local businesses and creative spaces.”