Meet the dynamic design duo behind the success of CHIMI Eyewear

A conversation with Charlie Lindström and Linnea Ryrstam

Swedish label CHIMI has become the go-to spot for fun and timeless eyewear. Reinventing sunglasses as we know them, CHIMI has created an extensive range of colorful frames and lenses, allowing customers to mix and match in order to create a more personal experience.


In a conversation with Charlie Lindström and Linnea Ryrstam, Creative Director and Designer of Chimi Eyewear the design duo talks about the creative process of the successful brand.“We wanted to make it easy to choose sunglasses, through the system of colors and models without compromising,” said Charlie, adding, “One thing that has always been the main focus has been the quality. We have succeeded in making a luxury product but we are still in the mid price segment.”

In early 2021, CHIMI is replacing its original core-collection and introducing a new range of eyewear to the mix. “Like all Swedish brands we love minimalism, but we launched the brand with an eye-catching color smash that strayed away from the “less is more” mentality,” Charlie adds, explaining that CHIMI’s approach to color will always make the brand unique.


The new Core Collection revolves around timeless and trusted shapes that we have refined and tweaked to create something that feels modern, and reflects our brand today. Of course, we still want to keep our unique colourfulness as part of our core DNA, but to also focus on more earthy tones,” adds Linnea Ryrstam, Design & Production Manager at CHIMI.


“The biggest challenge is that we can never be satisfied with the quality, and we are constantly trying to challenge and disrupt the market,” Charlie continues. It comes as no surprise that CHIMI is always looking for the next big opportunity, with collaborations with names like model Elsa Hosk, to featuring Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang in a campaign, the label always has tricks up their sleeves.

Meet the dynamic design duo Charlie Lindström and Linnea Ryrstam

Through CHIMI Labs, the label’s more conceptual and experimental line, the brand is continuing to reinvent and push boundaries.  “One of my proudest moments with Labs was when we got the first Swedish astronaut in space, Christer Fuglesang, on board for the Space collection”, says Lea.“Through The Labs series we are always developing and searching for the next big thing. The name kind of says it all, it is a laboratory where we can play around and challenge the customer and ourselves, and also a platform for us to collaborate with other brands and talent.” The CHIMI Labs range is for the trend setters and early adopters, those who really dare to stand out, and plays with shape and color to create unique, limited-edition pieces that generate hype.


As CHIMI gears up to replace its original Core Collection early 2021, there’s no doubt that the label is becoming one of the biggest names to watch. “We’re super excited to launch our new core, I’m very proud of the 004 frames, it’s become kind of a signature for us and I worked for so long with the design,” says Charlie and adds, “The 004 is also a frame we have been using with different designs and lenses, making them into CHIMI Labs.”


Combining luxury quality with wearable silhouettes at a reasonable price point, CHIMI is setting its sights beyond Sweden and Scandinavia (where it already reigns supreme), to bigger and bolder places. One thing is for sure, you’ll want to jump on the CHIMI train, because everyone is about to board.