The wholesale Curators of CHIMI

A conversation with Ario Molapour and Sebastian De La Vega

There are a lot of factors to why CHIMI eyewear is constantly growing. Besides the obvious factor being the unique product, the brand has a carefully chosen team behind the great success. 

Meet Ario Molapour and Sebastian De La Vega, International Sales Curators at CHIMI, who has become an iconic duo with one main task – curating the best retailers around the world for CHIMI.

When CHIMI first started as an e-com brand in 2016, Natalie Schuterman boutique became the brand’s very first retailer after just a few months. Now, the CHIMI has over 400 retailers worldwide. “It’s like any other successful relationship, we need to understand each other” says Ario Molapour. “It’s not only about numbers, it’s important for us to have retailers who understand our vision as a brand and for us to understand their process, that takes time and effort”.

CHIMI is listed among Selfridges, Net-a-Porter, Le Bon Marche, Rinascente, Storm and Rare Market, to name a few, and is focusing on solid customer relationships. “Managing a wholesale relationship is about creating a win-win situation” says Sebastian De La Vega.

The relationship with Net-a-Porter even grew into a beautiful collaboration: CHIMI x Net-a-Porter. “A love child, beautiful pink frame, still close to our hearts,” De La Vega adds.

Fashion is building a virtual future and even though some would say retail is dying, CHIMI stays positive: “We understand the delicate moment and believe retail is under constant transformation, but digitized showrooms and processes are not going to replace the richness of the in-person experience completely,” Ario says.

For 2021, CHIMI is focusing on the new Core Collection which is the crown jewel in the brands portfolio. “We continue to focus on retailer experience from a retailer perspective. Hopefully we can go back to basics and be even more present physically for our partners

 globally, if the pandemic allows us. Family is core and that is exactly what our partners represent.”


Make sure to catch Ario, probably wearing a 004 and Sebastian wearing a 002, during fashion weeks next year.