Renewable energy to where it is needed the most.

The solar project

The sunlight is an essential source of sustainable energy.

By purchasing a pair of Chimi's, you are supporting using the sun's power to harvest vital energy and electricity worldwide.

The most powerful source of light comes from the sun, so powerful that it can be converted into energy and electricity.

With The Solar Project, we will invest a portion of the proceeds in solar power projects that bring renewable energy to where it is needed the most.

Together with Milkywire
Milkywire is a digital platform that connects people and companies directly with trusted grassroots organizations around the world, all with the ambition to save the planet.

By cutting out the middleman, our fundings enable Milkywire to work closely with the people who work hands-on to protect and restore the planet. For more information about this project, please visit

Anna and Kachama are on a mission to protect carnivores and their habitat in one of the most important places in Zambia.

Zambian Carnivore Programme Anna and Kachama
Kafue National Park Zambia Africa

Anna and Kachama are Field Ecologists working on a research team to protect cheetahs, lions, and African wild dogs in the second largest national park in Africa: the Kafue National Park.

With your help they can now continue researching and patrolling the world’s second largest national park in order to protect carnivores from illegal snares.

We’re incredibly happy with this collaboration and the fact that CHIMI has decided to make a long-term commitment to our planet, says Nina Siemiatkowski, CEO of Milkywire.




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