Mwuana for Chimi



Robin Nyström, professionally known as “Mwuana”, was awarded ‘Hip Hop Artist of the Year’ by P3 Guld and has secured a total of three Swedish Grammy nominations. Following the success of his hit song “Craftmanship”, which was exclusively rewritten for the “Chi in Chimi” campaign and fronted by Elsa Hosk, Mwuana is now launching his own collaboration with Chimi; Craftmanship – Mwuana for Chimi.

– “For most people I’m just Mwuana, but that’s just one side of my creativity. Creating inspires me to do my own thing as an artist. My music is what drives me forward, but everything is connected. In order for me to fill my creative needs, I need to be allowed to work across spectrums. This collab with Chimi has given me just that, and I felt I had freedom on all levels”, says Robin “Mwuana” Nyström.

Director - Nicolina Knapp, DoP - Jake Hunter, EP - Jonas Löhr, 1st AC - Mauricio Waldo, 2nd AC - Simon Bendroth, Stills Photography - Rami Hanna, Stylist - Nadia Kandil, MUA - Julia Dunér, Colorist - Nicke Jacobsson, Edit - Martin Zaar, Sound - Anton Ahlberg, Senior A&R at Warner Chappell and co-producer - Karin Antonson. Talents: Milena Jacuniak - Dancer, Jennifer Pacaanas - Athlete, Sadibou Sy - Athlete, Sofia Lilja Åkerlund - Model with Dobermanns

The collection features two styles, both with black frames and tip details in red, designed by Mwuana and Chimi’s designer, Linnéa Ryrstam.